A few drops of tears…

Posted On September 20, 2009

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because i care

drawn using adobe photoshop

How would you measure “care”?

Is it by who? (who are the person you care the most) Is it by how? (how do you show it) Is it by why? (why do you care)

For me.. It’s by “until when” and “how long”..

Time is magical. In good and bad way.

Lots of things can happen in 1 hour.


*what if the person who raised you commited a serious crime? what if your daughter turned out to be a lesbian? what if your wife cheated on you? what if your son killed robbed a bank? what if your little brother broke your doll?*

until when can you care


Long Distance Love

I composed this song for my boyfriend… =)

Sorry I’m not a really good singer,
I wrote this song for my boyfriend who is currently a thousand miles away from me..

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